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I’m feeling angsty for no reason right now. I will cry if this happens to them *sobs*


Ymir observed the girl as she introduced herself. Seeing as she was hired to guard the girl she forced politeness into her words, “M’lady, mine name is Ymir and it is my honor to be your guard.”

Ymir gave a stiff, awkward bow per her instruction. She had little loyalty…

This small girl looked so nervous when there wasn’t really a need to be, “Sure good sounds good.” Ymir softened her tone this time around trying to not scare of the girl like she would have done for most people.

"I worked on ends to get what I needed." Stealing was mainly what she did, just minor thing usually. Ymir won’t lie though, the streets aren’t exactly the definition if safe so there were many things done in her that aren’t worth dragging up again. "How about you oh noble one?"


Christa woke up to the sound of birds chirping in the distance. Rubbing her bright azure eyes, she got up from her bed and walked over to the window, where one of the military airships passed by over the manor. She always dreamed of travelling in one of those airships, watching over the towns and…

Ymir observed the girl as she introduced herself. Seeing as she was hired to guard the girl she forced politeness into her words, “M’lady, mine name is Ymir and it is my honor to be your guard.”

Ymir gave a stiff, awkward bow per her instruction. She had little loyalty towards this girl; she had yet to find a reason to be loyal. Historia’s parents on the other hand, pulled her off the street and fed her. They had Ymir indebted to them and she planed to pay then back fully.

Anonymous whispered: "Corporal Levi! The commander sent me to come get you. There seems to be an issue with engineering and he is ordering you to oversee it. I would hate to be you." -iwillstaybyyourside (Ymir from group)




Levi growled and sat up. His feet planting on the hard ground before sitting up, his eyes snapped to the soldier that had burst in. “What issue?” He snapped as he walked to the door. Breezing past the other as he made his way down to engineering. “I don’t have time for vague orders, what sort of issue are we talking about?” He turned to the soldier, asking them sharply.

((OOC: are you asking as Ymir or a random soldier.))

Connie glanced to the woman accompanying Levi, frowning a little as he looked her over. “It may not be the best option, but it’s the only one. Making repairs while we’re still in flight is something done every day down here, but making repairs on the engine itself is dangerous work. If you keep her powered while fixing the important parts, it’s deadly. I know most engineers are disposable enough to you, but working on it mid-flight is suicide. For the entire crew.”

He turned back to Levi, crossing his arms as he tapped his foot. He was anxious. He didn’t even mean to snap at Ymir, he was just worried. This was the engineers fault for missing, and it could be deadly. You could see that in the faces of all of the sweating workers.

Connie did nod, glancing back at the engine. “I think we can manage a day. Crack that big I’d give her two, maybe three days of flight with the boys keeping her calm. We can handle it for now. Fixing it is a whole different game.”

Connie returned his gaze to the slightly taller man, and he reached to run a gloved hand across the sweat coating his neck. He sighed, thinking, eyes cast down as the ship rumbled away. He was sure of it, he could see it himself. It was high and hard to get to, but there was definitely something wrong with the whole thing.

"They did check it, all of it. It’s a thing they could’ve missed, being so high up, but it’s the sort of thing you notice in the main engines, y’know? But the main problem is that it’s the sort of thing that happens over ages. This happens once it lands after a huge run, and that’s rare. I dunno, it just sounds fishy as hell. Sir." Connie looked back to the engine, and huffed out a breath. "I got a bad feeling in my gut. It seems like it lines up to be our fault, mind you it may possibly be… but, you know."

Connie’s face was now showing his anxiousness, and he was wobbling back and forth between his feet. “I’m sorry, sir. I know this puts us behind and makes us look terrible. But we can fix it! No problem! And we can hold it together for as long as it takes you to get us somewhere safe. Then we’ll get back in the skies before you know it.”

Levi watched the two for a moment, his face unreadable and apathetic, as if he didn’t give a care what they were actually fighting about. Instead he turned his attention to Connie.  The captain leaned against the railing, his arms folded neatly over his chest as he awaited an answer. Yes, turning the ships engine off while in flight was suicide, they would land. There was no other way to deal with the repairs, not at the sure risk of loosing the limbs of his crew.

"Keep her in the air. Another day and we will reach the eastern outpost station." Levi answered, they were going to stop there anyway for supplies and some time to get proper coordinates for Sky Command along with their missions. At best this was a set back, a few days of time to fix his ship and allow her to fly safely again. 

But the idea of a traitor being on board was nothing something that they could ignore. Still, Levi pushed up from the railing, looking down at Connie with narrowed eyes. “Don’t give me excuses grease monkey. Just because you have a tummy ache doesn’t mean there is a single soldier on this ship that isn’t dedicated. Unless you want to stake your future on your words I keep them to yourself.” His words were cutting enough, cold as though his insults weren’t even worth giving him real anger. They were cold.

But he couldn’t have the rumor of a traitor floating past. The best way to find a rat was to let it think it was safe enough to show itself. “Keep her floating. You, Freckles.” Levi turned back to Ymir, looking up to her. “Go back to your duties on deck.” 

Ymir bit back any comments she wanted to make about the captains words. She hated him. They were far to similar to get along. Both uptight, always right, and cold to those around them. Only difference was he was in command.

Connie didn’t like her either, which was a large part of the reason she immediately said, “Yes sir.” To the captains orders to return to her duties. The two trainees never quite clicked together. He called her shitty women and she made fun of everything the moron did.

"Would you like me to report anything to the commander sir?" Anything was better than having to go back to cafeteria clean up or some shit like that.

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